The  Nantucket

Club Car

Restaurant & Bar

Leaving Siasconset going back to the Harbor

Old map of Nantucket showing the tracks

In the late 1800’s the island of Nantucket had its own railroad.  (see picture above on the right leaving the harbor) The railroad would shuttle passengers south to Surfside, then out to pass Tom Nevers ending up in Siasconset ('Sconset) where it would turn around. By 1917, declining passengers and World War I had spelled its fate. The 3 feet wide tracks were pulled up and sold as scrap metal for the War effort in Europe. All that remained was the Pullman Coach that sat at 1 Main St., the site of the former train station. Soon after, the train car was turned into a little diner serving home cooked meals to locals and tourists alike. The now converted Club Car was named Allen’s Lobster Grill and Diner.
It remained in business for over 40 years.
In the late 1960’s, Walter Biennale had a vision of Nantucket as a world class resort, and bought a great deal of downtown Nantucket. Allen’s Diner was one of the parcels acquired and it became The Club Car sold to Mr. Bieneke. He wanted to open a top gourmet restaurant at his prime Main Street location. In the mid 1970’s, Mr. Bieneke approached Joe Pantorno, Michael Shannon and Michael Omara, who previously ran the restaurant at his Harbor House Hotel. He saw what they did and liked it.
Joe, Mike and Michael took over the operation of The Club Car in 1977 and the rest as they say is history. Excellent food, top service and a sophisticated yet fun atmosphere are all aspects of what has been created at The Club Car, and let's not forget the singing. The piano in the lounge has been the site of many fun times. Songs ranging from Oklahoma to Piano Man have been heard on lower Main Street. Come and visit The Club Car for a truly unique experience.

Leaving Nantucket Harbor

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